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YC-300BZ3 TIG Series

Tungsten inert GAS (TIG) AC/DC Welding Machine Full Digital.

Welding Innovation by Full digital control.


  • ■ Small sized, light weight and full-fledged.
  •      19.5 kg with 300A (use rate 40%) Both volume and weight are 1/2 of our conventional model.
  •      Three welding methods are selectable.
  •      DC TIG welding (DC pulse TIG welding is also avariable).
  •      DC are spot welding (DC manual welding)
  • ■ 64-channel welding condition memory is built-in.
  •      64 type of welding condittion can be memorized and reproduced.
  • ■ Connection with Pasonic robot TA series GII Controller can be made easily.


YC-300BZ3 Welding Machine
Welding machine Panasonic YC-300BZ3


Welding machine Panasonic YC-300BZ3

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